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At UpDate we understand that for some people, getting their head around digital marketing may be challenging

At UpDate we understand that for some people, getting their head around digital marketing may be boring

At UpDate we understand that for some people, getting their head around digital marketing may be something they don’t have time to think about...^1500 That's why we're here - ^1500 to help you reach your goals...

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It’s all very well to decide to “do” digital marketing in your organisation, but unless a strategic approach is taken, your efforts will most likely be sub-optimal. One of the biggest issues we encounter with Clients is knowing where Digital Marketing sits within their organisation’s strategy, how it can be used to achieve their objectives, and how to implement, analyse and revise it effectively....Read More

At UpDate Digital we devise specialised, bespoke digital marketing strategies and solutions for our clients. We take the time to thoroughly understand our client’s business and assess their digital capabilities to create a unique action plan that will guide and ultimately grow the success of our client’s business and brand.

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Social Media

Social Media can have an enormous influence on your organisation- both good and bad. For most organisations, having a presence on Social Media is simply not optional. We meet so many potential clients who realise this, and need guidance and support on successfully integrating Social into their organisation’s daily activities. ...Read More

At UpDate Digital our core team are highly experienced, and skilled in working with Clients to create, implement and measure Social Media campaigns across a variety of key platforms. Event Social Media, focused paid campaigns, team training, or the development of an online platform presence- we’ve got you covered. So whether you’re a Twitter novice, an Insta newbie or a lapsed LinkedIn user, get in touch with us to chat through how we can help you win at Social.

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Website Design & Development
Building a website can be a daunting process, however working with the right team of designers and developers eliminates all the unnecessary stress. Through a process of in-depth meetings and very regular contact, UpDate Digital will work with you to turn your vision into a reality. ... Read More

It’s one thing getting people to your website, you also need to ensure they can get through your website. This is where UpDate Digital excels. We design and develop websites with the end user constantly at the forefront of our minds always ensuring a best-in-class, seamless user experience. Read Less


Know you should be “doing” Digital Marketing but not sure where to start? Worried that you don’t know how to get started with Social Media? Bamboozled by the prospect of setting up paid Google Ads campaigns? Want to be able to convince your CEO of the merits of adopting a Digital strategy?... Read More

Our job is to help you work through these entirely understandable questions around getting to grips with marketing and social media for today’s online environment, so get in touch with us to chat through how we can help you succeed at digital. Read Less


Establishing a strong brand is much more than coming up with a business name and a logo.

Your brand is the DNA of your company and it’s what brings your business to life. Having strong, clear brand identity allows customers to make that crucial emotional connection with your business and ultimately create a long-lasting consumer relationship built on trust.... Read More

Get in touch with us if

  • You’re launching a new company, product or service
  • Your brand is simply in need of a fresh new look
  • You’re targeting a new market and need a more suitable image/voice
  • You feel you’ve lost your brand identity or your current one is inconsistent and no longer represents what you and your business are all about
  • You need to re-evaluate your branding because of a merger, acquisition or spinoff
  • You just want to take us out for a coffee!
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