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Cork Business Association


The Brief:

The Cork Business Association (CBA) is the primary representative body for businesses in Cork City for over 60 years, with a particular focus on retail, hospitality and professional services.
In an increasingly online environment, the CBA needed to refresh its image with new branding, and establish a credible online presence.

The Project:

In order to fulfil its objectives, the CBA engaged UpDate Digital to create a new, contemporary brand which was representative of its values and position in a modern commercial environment. UpDate were also engaged to design and build a new website which would act as a platform for Member updates, engagement and access to a booking platform for CBA events across the calendar year.
With the close cooperation of the CBA team, a new Brand for the CBA was created, approved, and implemented. A brand, which then allowed for a new website to be created which better served the role of the CBA as it worked to represent its members in the best possible manner, and be kept up to date by the in-house CBA team to ensure it continues to serve the Association and its membership to great effect.

What the client had to say:

"When we decided to re- brand the CBA a new and more interactive website was a major requirement of this process. We were extremely fortunate to choose Zone Digital ( Up Date Digital ) to assist us on this journey. The end product delivered above our expectations what we as organisation wanted, on time and within budget. The level of support, advice, and guidance was truly exceptional to the extent we always felt UpDate was working with us not for us."

Lawrence Owens, Chief Executive, Cork Business Association.