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Cork's Long Table Dinner

Social Media

The Brief:

Cork’s Long Table Dinner is a remarkable outdoor fine-dining event which took place in recent years on the street in the middle of Cork city- an event which is a collaboration between Cork’s finest chefs and local food producers designed to showcase the culinary delights of Cork, Ireland’s food capital- serving fine dining level food to over 400 discerning diners on one of Cork’s main thoroughfares, which is closed off to traffic for the occasion. 

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The Project:

In 2018, the event took place on South Mall in Cork, as part of Cork’s Midsummer Festival, and was spearheaded by Claire Nash of the much-lauded Nash 19 restaurant, with a remarkable committee of fellow restaurateurs committed to using the best of local produce to create an incredible dining experience for the 400-plus guests who were fortunate enough to get tickets for this hugely popular event. 
The committee recognised that in order to optimise the event outcomes for participants and sponsors, it would be necessary to utilise social media in a strategic, measurable fashion. With this in mind, they engaged UpDate Digital to design and implement a social media strategy for the event, with input before, during and after the event. 
The UpDate team became immersed in the project, supporting the steering group in devising new Branding for the event, as well as devising a strategy appropriate for the event and its stakeholders.
Working in conjunction with local photographers, videographers and creatives, UpDate delivered a hugely successful set of outcomes for the Client (as well as having a fantastic time absorbing the buzz of over 400 happy people enjoying top quality food and wine in glorious sunshine!).

What the client had to say:

“Successfully capturing the tone of this very special event was of critical importance for us when choosing a social media team for Cork’s Long Table Dinner. We knew the team at UpDate Digital were familiar with many of the people involved, understood the ethos of the project, and had an excellent reputation for event social media. They also committed senior people to the project, and really understood the necessity for stakeholder satisfaction as a critical element in the overall success of such events. They really delivered for us, and went the extra distance to help the event succeed, in their own low-fuss, amicable way, Our social media engagement levels were exceptional, the buzz created was huge, and we had a solid set of metrics to provide to stakeholders after the event. I would very happily recommend UpDate if you want to properly leverage social media for your event”.     

Claire Nash, Cork’s Long Table Dinner.